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  • Mardin GoTürkiye

    Mardin, a peerless and impressively beautiful city of the South East expanding from the hilltop which it was established to the foothill, where religions, orders and tradition blends with a rich history.



    Exhbiting the city’s archaeology and history with a collection over 45.000 artefacts from the Paleolithic Age to date, Mardin Museum (Mardin Müzesi) is a true institution of education, learning and communication, exceeding the classical definition of museums as “places to protect and exhibit artefacts”.



    Mardin is called as “the necklace of the night, and the stroll of the day” with houses planned tightly and appearing to be crowding around on each other.



    Mardin offers a tasty cuisine with local spices, meat-fruit dishes and local herbs; and is becoming more famous each day due to Gastronomy Tourism.



    Over 200 different varieties of soaps are produced from the local herbs. Visitors have a lot of interest in the locally produced soaps with their colors and scents.



    Leyli is an entertainment offering the regional Reyhani folk dances and delivering traditions to the next generations.



    10 vibes for Mardin

    like locals

    Mardin Stone Houses use the yellow calcerous stone quarried extensively in the region, avoid using wood save for doors, window frames and mezzanines where it is necessary to use wood.

    48 hours

    in Mardin

    Watch over the endless Mesopotamia Valley from the historical city just below the Mardin Citadel. After this magnificent scenery, walk in to a restaurant while exploring the narrow streets of the city and order yourself an elaborate breakfast.