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  • 10 vibes for Mardin

    like locals

    Mardin Stone Houses use the yellow calcerous stone quarried extensively in the region, avoid using wood save for doors, window frames and mezzanines where it is necessary to use wood.

    The Grand Mosque: Mardin’s most important and oldest temple built in 1176 yıl.

    Kasımiye MadrasaThe madrasa surviving to our day with walls that have symbols of astronomy and medical sciences.

    Mor Gabriel MonasteryOne of the oldest and active monasteries of the World.

    Dara Ancient City: A city that needs to be visited especially for its large necropolis where Syriac, Zarathustrian, and Turkish domed burials meet.

    Mardin Museum:Exhibiting the city’s archaeology and history from Paleolithic Ages to our day with more than forty five thousand artefacts.

    Midyat: A historical center with stone mansions, churches, monasteries and bazaars, and a history going back to the Assyrians, carrying traces of the Medieval era.

    Leyli night: An entertainment where the regional Reyhani folk dances are performed enabling the tradition to be delivered over to the next generations.

    Telkari, the artisanal work of melting sterling silver into silver filigrees, then embroiding silver filigrees into jewelry.

    Mardin Almnd Candies: Regional almonds coated into candies dyed in blue with herbal dyes obtained from Lahor trees.