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  • 48 hours

    in Mardin

    First Day

    Watch over the endless Mesopotamia Valley from the historical city just below the Mardin Citadel. After this magnificent scenery, walk in to a restaurant while exploring the narrow streets of the city and order yourself an elaborate breakfast.If you are ready to discover the city, start with Mardin Museum and observe the artefacts in exhibit from the early ages. Then head on to the Grand Mosqueto be followed by a visit to Kasımiye and Zinciriye Madrasas.Next, check out the rich collection at Mor Behnam Churchalso known as the Church of the Forty Martyrs. Go back to the city center for lunch and sample Stuffed ribs and other local flavors in one of the famous restaurants.

    Following this, go to Deyrulzafaran Monasteryand enjoy a glass of saffron tea in the monasteries garden after you have explored the monastery. Before the day ends, stroll around the historical bazaars of Mardin and check out the local products.

    Second Day

    On the second day, hit the road after breakfast to visit Dara Ancient City located around 45 minutes from the city center. Explore this magical ancient city with traces of three different religions. Then head on to Beyazsu Valleyfor a great lunch and to be in the natuee. Order trout while you are having a rest in the trout farms in the valley. Following this, start for Midyat, the sign of peace and tolerance with a history going back to the Assyrians, that has become an important center for the Syriacs, and where Muslims, Christians and Ezidis live together. Here you will explore the Mor Gabriel Monastery, the oldest standing Syriac Orthodox monastery of the World. Do not finish the day before you get lost exploring and shopping in the historical bazaars of Midyat and having tasted the wine.