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    Mırra Coffee

    Mırra is one of the strongest coffees of the World and is labor intensive as it requires to be brewed a few times. Known also as The Master’s Coffee (Usta’nın Kahvesi), Mırra is consumed on special days from small cups with no grips.

    Mardin’s Stuffed Meatballs (Irok and Ikbebet)

    Irok (fried) and Ikbebet (boiled) stuffed meatballs are two of the city’s most famous local dishes.

    Stuffed Ribs

    Stuffed Ribs are consumed by the people of Mardin mostly during religious feasts, and is very labor intensive to prepare. Almonds, rice and chopped meat are blended together to fill in to a goat or a lamb’s right rib to be stitched together and cooked for around 3 hours; it is a must to try this local meat based dish in the restaurants of Mardin.

    Mardin Almond Candies

    Mardin’s Almond Candies differ from the classic almond candies with its taste and color as they are produced using local almonds, coated with sugar dyed in blue with herbal dyes from the Lahor tree.

    Roasted Chickpeas

    Roasted chickpeas occupy a specail place in Mardin’s culinary culture. Chickpeas go to store shelves after flavoring with salt, spices, cinnamon, vanilla, chilli, cloves and then roasting in wood fire.

    Mardin Syriac Wine

    The region has vineyards from the harvest of which grape molasses, grape pulp, pulp coated walnuts are produced. In additon, Syriac Wine, and important beverage for the Syriacs is produced by families per their own consume. The recently increasing demand and interest made Syriac Wine available in the markets. Mardin now produces a large variety of wines which you can try in the Bazaars and the wineries of the region.