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  • Mardin GoTürkiye

    Mardin, a peerless and impressively beautiful city of the South East expanding from the hilltop which it was established to the foothill, where religions, orders and tradition blends with a rich history.

    It is understood from the excavations and the research that the city’s history expands to the Subar tribe that lived in the Mesopotomia Valley c 4.500 – 3.500 BCE. “Marida” is the first known given name of Mardin, which served as a sanjak of the province of Diyar-ı Bekr during the Ottoman Empire The city’s Syriac name was “Marde” whereas Arabs and Turks called the city “Mardin”.

    Located on the Historical Silk Road, Mardin hosts a large number of hans and caravanserai, in addition to mosques, shrines, churches and monasteries which have existed for centuries and are of  importance artistically as well as religiously, reflecting the characteristisc of the erat hey were built and adding on to the cultural richness of the area. Earning a lot of attention in the recent years not only locally but also globally, Mardin is listed in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage as a historical site.

    If your path goes through Mardin, you will be in a fantastic city embracing different languages, different religions, smelling Medieval history, dominant over the Mesopotamia Valley, offering tastes unique to itself.